The Romanian political elite and the Royal Family in 24st January 1934

Find out who are some of these historical figures: Click here and many thanks for the original picture goes to Vitalie Ciugureanu

1-Dumitru Manu, Victor Deleu, Petru Cazacu, Emil Hatieganu, Voicu Nitescu, Aurel Vlad, 1918, Iuliu Hossu, Vasile Suciu, Victor Antonescu, Daniel Ciugureanu, Nicolae Macici, 960x695

More details: 2048×1484 – Even more details: 3089×2239

2-Constantin Angelescu, Gheorghe Mardarescu, Henri Cihoski, Ion Nistor, Alexandru Lapedatu, Ion Inculet, Mircea Cancicov, Constantin Meissner- 960x720

More details: 4000×3000


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